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While I am at it, a few other things I would like to be able to do:

1) Limit skill usage.

2) The ability to redo the action points to be more like DOS, eg. variable and higher start, max, and regen of AP.

3) I know GM mode won't have scripting, but the ability to interact with mod tool's scripting would be appreciated.

Theoretically everything you requested is already possible. You could give some or all skills "combat" requirements and require source points and just make source way more common. You could tweak all the AP costs of everything for more granularity. I do think GM mode will have access to pre-written scripts somehow (e.g., placing a script on a character). That would be a massive limitation if not.

Something like rebalancing the AP costs of everything would be a ton of work to get the balance right, but I don't think would be too hard to actually do it. AI scripts might be a pain to reconfigure, but they'd probably work okay even with no changes. I don't think that kind of project would be worth the hassle, but for many things even in the original game, if there's a will there's a way to mod something.

Implementing a resist system could be tough if the old system have been entirely scrapped. Even if you could resuscitate bodybuilding/willpower, it'd be a good amount of work to tweak things to be as granular as you suggested. I think it'd be possible but you'd have to be creative, or maybe just kind of brute force it by basically recreating a fake version of every status in the game which would go through resist checks, and then apply the real statuses if the check goes through.