although an avid P&P player in several systems, I am completely new to the Divinity franchise. I am however absolutely thrilled by the Game Master Mode and cannot wait to try it.

I have watched several videos about it and noticed a few things that I could not see yet or seem missing to me, so here is my list of ideas/questions. Sorry if any of it is already in the game or has been asked before.
These things are ordered by how important I see them.

1. NPC dialogue! I love the vignettes. They are really beautiful and help to tell a story. But the biggest charm for a P&P on PC is for me the possible amount of preparation that a GM can put into an adventure that would never be possible in a classic game. I want to give unimportant NPCs a standard dialogue so that I can click some other things in the meantime and focus on the important aspects. In a tabletop game, this is no problem, because I do not have to click stuff on another map in advance, I can concentrate on the unimportant NPC. But I cannot edit a vignette on the fly while I play a random commoner (at least with my amount of multitasking). I did sink hours into the dialogue trees from NWN1's Aurora Editor.

2. From what I have seen in videos, as soon as the characters enter a map, they can move the camera to anywhere and see anything. This may be a Divinity thing, but it seems very odd to me. I can see that the GM can always spawn in surprise enemies etc. but even in a P&P environment the players are not able to see everything right from the start. Can they even see through doors? In my opinion this is taking away a lot of the P&P/PC mixture charm. The players should be camera locked and able to explore rather than just see.

3. Will there be a way to place triggers on the ground that automatically spawn enemies or are just plain traps? Area transitions would also be nice.

4. I was missing a classic quest journal and I would really like my players to be able to track and remember what they did or are going to do.

5. Can we set up automated paths/waypoints/routes for NPCs to make them seem more lively?

6. Can the GM edit a module/save inbetween play sessions? So for example when I start an adventure with a group and I notice that they want to go to a location that I had not planned, can I prepare this map before we start the next session?

7. From what I have seen, the players can always see the level and remaining HP of an enemy. Can we hide these stats in certain cases to make a mysteriously dangerous foe?

8. Can we clone player characters on the fly and add them to the creature menu? In this way we could build some cool dream sequences or let them fight their own mirror images.

9. The GM should have a map marker, some highlight, a sun flare, something, to show what he is talking about or to gain the players' attention.

Thank you for reading and any information or even taking something to the official ideas list.