Fluffington does raise a point I agree with though. That is why bother bringing a mix of builds when you can run 4 melees. I do not think nerfing rogue will fix it either because the system is flawed because in MOST cases, stun=knocked down=frozen in the best case scenarios. In reality, I would say knock down is better than the magic alternatives. But the point is magic and physical trees perform very similar functions when it comes to CC (the only reason to ever bring a mage now) and physical skills does it so much better with critical in built in it too... When you add in the fact that both trees have separate armors to deal with, it just does not make much sense to gimp yourself by bringing a different kind of dps just to perform the exact same role without any additional benefits.

I enjoyed my magic runs more than my rogue run. I started playing this game because of the combo system but the way the armor system is handled and the OPness of melee/rogue in general makes my run that much more disappointing. Being fun to play is nice and all but I do not particularly enjoying gimping myself so arbitrarily just because the skills aren't balanced well enough on a systemic level. If you think it is only just a matter of rogue being too strong, just consider this:

Magic cannot crit
Magic has to deal with resistances
Magic has to deal with itself...
Certain Magic skills don't even target the right armor ( I am looking at you necromancy)...

Magic has to be able to deal status effects through magical armor in some form or have utility that is specific to magic.Like magic armor debuffs, silences, dispels, more varied status effects like weakens etc. Decay is a great spell but it relies on physical armor... The % chances of it penetrating magical armor should be reliant on intelligence or skill level so some form of investment is required.

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