I actually just killed Windego on the ship with the rain/lightning method, haha.

For some reason, while everyone on the ship got into combat with us, she didn't, so I just had to wait while the static water ticked down her magic armor and health. Being in combat, with her not being in combat, meant I could just wait without ending my turn, and the static water never went away.

Note that killing Windego seems to softlock your progress, because you can't go up the stairs (they're barricaded).

[Linked Image]

The way I did this is by covering everything in water but that tiny corner in the greasy key room, and then hitting the level 10 door with electric discharge, which electrified the water on the other side of the door.

If I had brought a fire element weapon (via a different preset than the ones I picked), I could've probably gotten rid of the water in the greasy key room.

I made two custom characters with Hydro/Aero, and Aero/Polymorph, pumping all stat points into Wits, with Rain/Electric Discharge/Shocking Touch, and Electric Discharge/Blinding Radiance/Chameleon Cloak (Blinding Radiance could be swapped out for Shocking Touch, for another way to electrify the water). I use the Aero/Poly character to trigger the water after my Rain character is in a good hiding place, since he's got Chameleon Cloak to hide if he gets stuck within the enemy's vision cone.

The magisters near Windigo acted pretty silly. Once we started electrifying the door, they ran to the other side of the door to investigate. When they were finally pulled into combat, they attacked the door until they died. My character with rain never actually got pulled into combat until near the end, when the NPCs in the center of the ship got hit with the rain/electricity combo (once Windigo died, I started to hit the other areas of the ship with rain, since they were all in combat anyway).