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I'd like to see a video of this. They have pretty high magic armor and I can't see walking through an electrified puddle as breaking it. Also Alexander can definitely 1 shot a level 3 with any of his skills (which he doesn't have to move to cast) so, I'm intrigued to say the least.

It's because of the #5 item I listed.
Once enemies in electricity decide that attempting to move out will cause more damage than waiting for the water to de-charge then they will stand in place until they die.

I just coated the entire area around the fight with water and got up on the wall out of their range.
I then charged the pool and the AI decided that they would take more damage to chase me than to just wait. For the few enemies who decided to run out I either used teleport to place them into the center of the water or rained on them again. With the way I setup the fight, enemies who left the water couldn't reach me without re-rentering, so I had all the time I needed to teleport them back in or Rain them.

The damage actually ramps up pretty quick. Any amount of moving through the water pops them repeatedly, and Aerothurge increases the shock damage against the magic armor.
It was actually faster to kill them like this than with several other methods I've tried. The pool hits every enemy and they skip their turns too.

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It's all fun and game until someone bleeds a lot/ cast blood rain and spread the electricity to your team.

Great point. You have to be careful. Picking up a stun-immune piece of equipment later on would help a ton.

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I actually just killed Windego on the ship with the rain/lightning method, haha.

Thanks for the write-up, I was curious what would happen if she was killed, now I know not to invest the time.
Glad you enjoyed the technique.

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