I'm trying to modify the racial stats a bit, but I've found that all the starting characters seem to draw from the human male stats entry. Even though the root templates for the other races seem to point to the other race stats. Not sure what's going on here, but it would be nice to modify each individual race so it would change in character creation.

new entry "HumanMaleHero" // the entry every race seems to use
type "Character"
using "_Hero"

I also have some general feedback on the stat files. While I can create new stat files and make additions (new skills, weapons, character stats, etc.), I cannot seem to modify an existing stat entry (e.g., modifying fireball) by making a new stat file that contains only that stat entry. I have to copy the entire stat file (e.g., skilldata.txt) to my mod and make changes to that file. I believe this is the case for every file type.

I don't know if you already have plans to make mods more compatible with each other in some other way, but to me, this would be a great first step to make it easier for people to combine different mods. Right now if two people were to make changes to different vanilla skills in skilldata.txt, people would have to manually merge the changes. If modders could simply make their changes to vanilla things in separate files, it would be easy for people to combine mods.

Don't know how difficult it would be to make this change, but IMO, it or some other compatibility change is necessary for a thriving modding scene. I'm sure you're already aware of these issues, but just letting you know some of us want them solved :P

Edit: Also there seem to be some stat files that you can't even make separate files for additions. You can't seem to add new delta modifiers outside of the deltamodifiers.txt file, for example. The above changes would be less useful if some files still required full replacement.

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