I tried plan A prior to the post several times. Just tried Plan B (software mode) with the same result. I'll try the patch but nothing has changed on my end that I am aware of. Games been running fine and I did nothing like using third party software. Not sure why suddenly my the game thinks that I am. I'll go ahead and save those files in a new location. I'm assuming I'll be reloading the game from GOG Galaxy soon.

EDIT: I guess the patch loaded. I hit install and got a text box that said hit any key to continue which I did. Anyway, nothing after that so I tried launching the game again and got the same result.

OK, the reinstall was a success. One interesting note, just prior to the install completing, I got an error message saying that Windows redistributable needed to be uninstalled or repaired. That may have been the issue.

However ---- I have a new issue. When I tried to load the savegame, I got a message saying it was old and not compatible with this version of the game. can I finish my old game or am I hosed?

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