I posted too early! I forgot a few things that I'm not sure if they already support. I saw that you can create custom items, but:

*In the feature video it doesn't look like you can grant a skill/talent/ability with a custom item. This can certainly be faked by actually granting the user that skill/talent/ability in the UI while they wear it, but it would be nice addition to remove some of the micro-management.

*I believe I saw somewhere that it is supposed to be supported, but I think being able to make custom skills/talents/abilities would be extremely useful in making games more flexible. I want to run a Pathfinder Adventure Path and would like to be able to do things like create the Campaign Traits inside the engine.

*It would be nice to use custom abilities similar to the way a lot of pen & paper systems use skills, which means that integration with the dice roller would be a nice quality of life improvement. That way I can easily roll something like, die + strength modifier + climbing.

For the most part it seems like these things can be faked, but in particular I think custom skills (using the Divinity terminology) is probably the most micro-management intensive to fake. For the rest I suspect if support doesn't exist in game, I will keep a second monitor or laptop open which track character's "out of game" abilities.

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