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The GM Mode is already looking really great, and I'm pretty excited. There's one thing that has me a little worried right now: all the demos of DM mode were 1 DM and 4 Players. This is okay, but frankly I have a very large group of pen & paper gaming friends. I would really love if more players were supported. It's a lot easier for me to get buy in on a campaign if I can get 5-6 players, and I have no issues running a group of that size smile

This is VERY important.
Our group has seen the capabilities of the GM Mode and Divinity, but none of us will buy the game if we can't play all together, and we are usually 6 players and a GM.
I don't know why anyone would think 4 people is enough (or fun) for roleplaying. And roleplaying it's what it's all this about... because frankly, combat turns are slower in a tabletop regular D&D game with the same amount of players, so, PLEASE. ALLOW MORE PLAYERS