I agree on the FBX format, most of us use more softwares than 3ds Max.
My concerns about modding are on how unflexible the system is. I know that we are bound to the Divinity combat core and mechanics system but i Think we need heavy modifications to achieve a level of creativity freedom such as in NWN:
1) I said this in other thread but...The mod for D:OS1 for allowing more player was clunky, and only gave to players control over henchmen. D:OS2 allows only 4 players, don't know yours, guys, but my group usually has 6 or even 7 players. I mean we won't even buy the game if the multiplayer for custom campaigns won't allow all of us to play.

2) Changing the aspect of the game: Using 3d we can make new objects and stuff but. How difficult would be to import new races, animations, or FX into the game? Also a mod for controlling the cameras (Allowing the DM to make custom setups for places or scenes, or the players to play in a 3rd-person perspective) would be a game changer

3)Modularity. I think the games that allow mods that survive, grow, and thrive are the modular ones. World of Warcraft has a shitty, slow, and crappy lua scripting system but it allows to change and improve aspects of the game since everything is a separated module, so if you change something you don't screw up the whole game. Also that makes mods easier, specially the ones that are related with UI-modification.

4)Expandible, this goes with the last one. Maybe there are 5 races in the game, but what if we like to change them or better, do more? How about the DMs (that will be a lot) that wanna play in their D&Ds settings and need characters like gnomes, half-orcs or things like that? If we can model it and animate it, we need a clean system to import them to the game