I still can't bring myself to make the evil choices, no matter how much it shouldn't matter. My most recent utter failure was attempting to play a bad character in Fallout 4 in preparation to properly enjoy Nuka World as a raider boss: my evil character soon turned out to be somewhat neutral, then kinda moral but rude and surly and eventually just turned into my usual character who can't bear to be mean to people and the worst she does is to be a bit grumpy and facetious. I'm not really much good at RP.

Er anyway, I do think that the loot could've been better since I seem to recall some of the choices were a bit costly at least at that point in the game.

And how could I forget the chap with the wit of a carrot! That would explain the various Mister things. It would seem that I was usually disciplined with clearing out my loot and mostly just hung on to a very few bits and pieces I got from particular NPCs even if they weren't very good.

J'aime le fromage.