I just created an account in the hopes of sharing my thoughts as well, so lets just start here.

I do like the story so far, it seems more grey instead of black and white, and on that note, i also like the "journal" UI. The Previous game had a messy one where things were just...listed. This just seems more organized.

For me, the armor system needs huge balancing IMO. Early game you have nothing, meanwhile your enemies have all these armors on, and a single auto from them basically strips you off any armor you were able to scavenge. I do think that armor shouldnt block everything, it should just do smaller amounts of dmg until it is completely stripped off. That goes in the same issue I have where it seems like I do dmg to my own armor then enemies do much later into the act. Melee characters be damned, bc if I have any "air" weapons on ranger or staff, I'll just end up stunning my warrior or rogue or any melee character bc of how blood works. I do think blood shouldn't be electrified or make blood pools much much smaller. Same goes for "contamination"...it poisons everything. Higher chance of you being poisoned and dying then the enemy, so I stopped using it, like removed it from memorized spells. I do think this game forces you to stick to one thing, physical or magical focus which IMO is a huge negative for a RPG and wanting to try multiple things.

Now on to memory, I also think it needs a bit of balancing. Like after a certain point, like say after you put it in 2 or 3 points, the next one and after should give 2 slots per point or something. Maybe you get a slot automatically as well after every 2 levels or so. Right now, you're in a way forced to put a point into memory every level or so if you actually wanna have that feeling of "progression". Especially as a mage where you rely on skills a lot more.

Even on that note, I do like how they shortened the AP uses and what not for everything, made it more compact. Combat is still pretty exciting. They should just remove telekinesis tho. I'm glad that pickpocketing and lockpicking is just one thing now with "thievery" as well. Talents are still well done, and I do agree that they help with going a certain playstyle, but the whole "Armor" thing just goes against that for me in which you're forced to play a single type for your party, physical or magical.