I actually played DOS:EE with another person right before starting this. (fun fact, wasnt gonna start this until full release but we both wanted more Div so!). And the combat is more streamlined and stuff. Like when we finally got into combat (with full party), and my friend was controlling Ifan (playing wizard) he was able to do so much I was surprised bc in the previous game, me as a wizard was only able to do 1 or 2 things early game. The combat and the way AP works now is IMO so much better.

And I do agree that they should have better armor, but that also works against you, bc if you want to survive once you get out of the fort, you have to be a big higher level and decent gear, and only way you get that is by killing all the magistars who are SOOO WELL EQUIPPED. At that point it just gets frustrating to reload again and again bc you want the exp and loot so u can survive out there, but you don't have the means to fight them head on, when they even have more people then you (or at least equal numbers for the most part). Now, me and my friend didn't mind reloading and try to figure out, but we just came off DOS:EE and knew how combat and elements worked and were kind of prepared, but this type of frustration in most part is just gonna turn off the new players. The learning curve in DOS:EE was steep, but it was satisfying, in this game....the game ends the tutorial, gives you the beach fight with 2 voids and says "well, i'm peacing out, gl figuring this out).

And I don't mind having a crap ton of abilities, bc IMO it gives you that idea of progression and power. (Which is something i love in DOS:EE because levels were far apart and levels actually counted for a lot with you putting points in and being able to get more abilities, you felt stronger by each level, unlike most rpgs where you level up and its just "cool"). The same is what I want to feel in this game, but with memory, its like...do i want more abilities (and not want to switch out the ones i have)....or do I want more dmg or health or go a bit earlier....There is the Memory talent, but i mean there are abilities that take 2 slots and 3 so its like, later in the game those "3 slots" arent gonna do much (i think). In order for them to limit the whole (im this and this cuz i put points into all this) they could have a cut off point. Like i know its a classlass system in a way, but after getting 3 trees (poly, warfar and scoundrel lets say) u cant invest in fire and other stuff. Also, I do hope they change how electric and poison. Me pointing it out isn't me being Naive, its me bringing attention to it, since its not a new feature, its something that has been implemented before, and they turned it up (either this patch or has been from start, idk) and it was something i wanted to bring forth.

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