I just recently finished the alpha build a second time with the summoner and I realized at lvl 8 with 10 in summoning skill my pet is a huge demon with 372 hit points.

Now it seems bugged because it only does 3-5 damage (which is less then previous levels), however this is possible each skills have breakpoints at certain level making then particularily interesting.

I also had a caster with 8 aerothurge and on her own she would completely wreck the enemies' magic shield.
If you have 10 Aerothurge you simply double your damages against shield which is about 80-120 depending on the situation (High ground, specific status increasing damages, etc) and you can also have your caster with a crit build for even more damages.

I use chain lightning in some situation like that and with just one cast the caster had wrecked the shield of 3 persons out of 4 (during the battle on the beach before going on the boat, the void worm, the tank, Alexander and the rogue were all stripped from their magic armor. Alexander only had like 40 point remaining). The more I play the more I think we underestimate the power gained from focusing on one skill.

However I am a bit sad that we did not have source abilities for summoner or the shapeshifter yet. Can't wait to see those.

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