With all the complaints about magic, I really think people are undervaluing Aerothurge. It's easy to miss it, maybe they're thinking "nah but I use Pyro" or whatever, not realizing it's ALL magic attacks. Once I got that up there (even just at 6-7), I realized I really only needed the 1 mage. She could absolutely wreck anyone that needed magic targeting, letting me keep 2 physical and a hybrid support/switch hitter (summoner) to flex.

It's enjoyable for sure, but NOT intuitive, made worse by not following the previous game at all in that regard.

I do agree, something has to be bugged with that incarnate's damage. The totem's fire off 40-50 point smacks every round - they're holding up their end (potentially 150 points of damage for 2 ap!? yes please!). The incarnate can whirlwind and be lucky to put out 30 points total. It's absurd. And the NPCs ignore them and trigger attacks of opportunity and they're negligible.