I think people are looking at this wrong. The bulk of the problem doesn't lay with the mechanic that prevents cc (saving throws/armor) but with the availability of cc.

Seriously, why does every aerothurge skill have to stun? And all the offensive hydrosophist skills need to freeze? Why do so many of the available warrior skills have a knockdown?

They need to make crowd control more expensive for the caster so they have to make an active decision to use it. If the abilities with cc had longer cooldowns, were not as common, didn't have other utility (like a gap closer, battering ram is kinda bs), or usually had a 3 ap cost instead of 1 or 2, then over half of this problem would be solved right away.

Anyway, I hate rng whenever it can realistically be expected to decide a match. If rng is in charge of crowd control in a game where you can often die in 3 turns or less, then too much is riding on it already, so no, I'd never want to go back to old saving throws.