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They need to make crowd control more expensive for the caster so they have to make an active decision to use it. If the abilities with cc had longer cooldowns, were not as common, didn't have other utility (like a gap closer, battering ram is kinda bs), or usually had a 3 ap cost instead of 1 or 2, then over half of this problem would be solved right away.

Pretty much this. I'd rather have a empower mechanic allowing some skill to have cc with an empower version (cost more ap) than this bad armor system.
I've seen my character getting cc the whole fight, while my friends were able to play I wasn't. This all or nothing is worse than RNG to me. And I hate RNG.

And don't forget that the armor system forbid synergy between different damage source. Enemy has 5hp and no physical armor ? But all his magical armor is up so the mage in your group can't finish him up. Great. Better have full physical or full magical.