We'll have to see how it goes but many of us have strong feeling and great ideas on how the system should be of feel like, however this is probably too hard to completely change the system with all the balancing and tuning it would require even if they already though about it a few month ago.

To solve the 5 hp guy problem (if you even consider it a problem, some ppl might think it's fine, and I am not overly concerned by that type of occurrence) they could still make it that Wands have a tiny part of their damages being Physical (piercing) damage the same way magical melee weapon have magical damages imbued into them.

And yes you mage can still do something. He can Nether Swap, teleport or be a necro and do physical damage.
Does it feel wasting a teleport to finish off a guy ? Maybe but that's how the game is and how any games are in these clutch situation, you sometimes have to use skill you want to keep but the circumstances, ...
Or Keep scrolls for your mages for added variety.

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