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Yeah, they could tone down the hard CC, but I can always just build a high memory class that takes the CC skills from every tree and be done with it; I'll still have plenty of options.

If you build a high memory class and invest points in multiple different skill sets like aerothurge, hydrosophist, etc to get all the types of cc, you've already made a large sacrifice to get a bunch of cc. Your character will deal a lot less damage than characters of comparable level. And if they made each of those cc spells have a higher ap cost than they do now, then they wouldn't be applying cc to every single enemy a turn. I feel like that could be balanced, even with the current armor system.

Changing the entire armor system at this point right before release is not feasible, true. However, rebalancing individual skills that apply crowd control and making them cost more ap or removing their cc entirely (in exchange for extra damage or something to keep them balanced) would at this point be doable. Not that I think they will do it. It's just an option.