Currently once armor is off your damage doesnt matter, Once all enemies are electrified by huge amount of water + electricity, i skipped my turn until all enemies are stunned to death and is just a matter of skipping my turns. This is not strategy nor is it actually a good system.

Why not actually separate CCs into tiers so that some makes you lose X amount of AP, some pushes your turn back alittle, and only the most powerful skips your turn?

Currently CC skipping turns is so absolutely powerful it is why the armor system is so flawed, because it is all or nothing. The way Oil works is brilliant so i do not understand why cant they just implant more things like that, it'd be easy with the current combat system too.

Besides, making CC reduce your AP for X amount of turns also allows you to fight against them if you know what you doing, with those 1ap CC cleansers, and makes certain traits such as Glass Cannon not completely useless.

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