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Um.... :

1) Your point on diversifying kind of backs up the OPs point on needing to in order to get the most out of your build. Also, this can't be considered the same as a physical build, because they always diversify. The point is that a full on physical build has better skills than a magic one..

You might bring up utility, but.....

2) Magic armor makes alot of the utility pointless unless you want to build into the air tree.....which really sucks for feeling forced into and sucks out ability to diversify elsewhere.

3) No, the damage of a mage does NOT come out to be equal to min-maxed physical build. On average, if you're not thinking too hard about it...yeah, both can kill the enemy and you might notice too much difference, but for a power gamer? The gap gets way wide.

You might argue that mages get to attack multiple targets at once vs single target focus of warriors and stuff, but if anything the first game has taught us that it's way more efficient to completely kill one target rather just hurt multiple ones.

This is markedly suppose to be because mages get utility and combos....but again....all that magic armor.

4) Resistances are actually pretty common

All together this tends to make magic builds very.....
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I wouldn't call magic weak, but it does feel underwhelming.


Not nonviable....not weak per se....just not very appealing when you can make a warrior that's easier to spec for higher difficulties with half the effort.

Ideally, different archetypes shouldn't feel that different in funness and power. Thus, i guess, the call for buffs.


Also, 25% is a pretty good snapshot of the game. If the gap between two builds is there at the end of 25% I don't see it closing going forward. Only widening.

The only that wouldn't happen is if there was a few mage centrist skills or items that were unreasonably OP ... which presents the problem of making players than build around them instead of just having fun.

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