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Hello Nord,
1-Which script file is working on after a party member died ?

All of a character's character scripts stop running when the character dies. There is not really much generic Osiris (= story) script code that does something when a character dies, apart from checking whether all player characters are now dead and if so, trigger code to show the "Game Over" dialog box. That dialog box itself is completely handled by code, but as implied, script can prevent it from being shown (I don't remember by heart whether it's triggered from Shared or from the DOS2 campaign Osiris code though).


2-Which script file is working on when party is dead and return to load screen ?

No script in particular gets run.


2-Which script file is working on when using a resurrection scroll ?

No particular script. Resurrection is a skill, and after a character has been resurrected, the Osiris event CharacterResurrected() gets raised.

I can probably give you more concrete feedback if you say what you want to do.

PS: As NorD said, it's better to start a separate topic to discuss concrete question. I get notifications for all posts on this forum, so I will see it too.