Pick pocket was changed so that it no longer scale with your char level. Instead, each pickpocket level will allow you to loot up to X gold and Y weight with a major increase as you level them, from 300 gold, to 450 and on level 3, 1.1k!

Pickpocket on Beta was ridiculous and on release, it's even more useful because you barely make any money from selling items. The game seems to balance the store assuming that you already have a super high level barter for the discount and pick pocket to steal those money and loots back to buy more stuffs.

And with how pickpocket scale with level so well now, expect thievery rings to be even more important because that +2 in total from both ring can result in extra 8000 gold easily if you let everyone steal.

Also, it's hilarious how boss fights can become so much easier if you let your thief go around and pick pocket all the special ammo and bomb while the convo is happening. I'm using this cheese to defeat all the level 4 magister on Tactician at low level to prevent them from using knock down and bombs.

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