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You are kind of torn as a summoner. Taunt only works, if enemies have no armor, but if you infuse incarnates and totems, they deal magic damage. And without infusion, incarnate do not even have some kind of skill.

My solution is usually to infuse with blood, those infusions do physical damage.
Elf as Summoner can freely get you blood before the fight /w Flesh Sacrifice, and bleeding enemies keep supplying you with more blood surfaces.
Blood infused Totems/Incarnate are also more durable from the increased health/healing, respectively.

It's more than just for Taunt though. Incarnates get Battering Ram from Power Infusion and you can't Knock Down enemies with Physical Armor either. Also, Physical damage seems to be the meta atm, so your allies are likely already peeling that armor off faster anyway.

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