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You are kind of torn as a summoner. Taunt only works, if enemies have no armor, but if you infuse incarnates and totems, they deal magic damage. And without infusion, incarnate do not even have some kind of skill.

Taunt only works when enemies have no armor? thats flipping retarded, what is the point of a taunt if it cant work at the BEGINING of the fight? Once magic armor is down you just blast away with magic/physical so wtf is the point of that taunt?

Pretty much this. After the armor is gone, the fight is almost to an end unless the Enemy has a HUUGEEE health pool or w/e.

Taunt should not be blocked, that is just ultra stupid. Who came up with this? What's the point of a fking taunt if you can't taunt someone at all? After armor is gone, there is no point in taunting for the most part considering then they can be CC'd as well.