Okay, a class specialized in Summoning but is limited to only 1 summon.

I was trying a Summon + Necromancer build, but my buffed incarnate instantly disappeared the moment i summoned the Bloated Corpse.

If you're gonna limit the summons number, at least make that you can only summon 1 from EACH SKILL LINE(Like Necromancer, Summon, even Geo can summon) and not Limit the entire game to 1 summon at a time .

Ex: If you have skills in Necromancer/Summon
You should be able to at least summon 1 Bloated Corpse and a Incarnate.

At least make it so when you reach lvl 10 in Summoning you can summon 2 creatures at the same time instead of only 1.

The skill line is called NECROMANCER, but i still didn't find a skill to Revive a Dead enemy to fight for me.