yeah but a maxed out incarnate is a fking monster..

i have a summoner/necro/poly build with max rank summoning and my summon has more health and armor than my entire party... and can handle its own in a fight.. its like adding an additional character to the fight... i assume thats why they dont let you have more than one at once.. because of how powerful the incarnate is when you reach level 10 summoning and it becomes the champion incarnate.

to put it into perspective.. me and my summon managed to completely wipe my own team during the arena fight even with the 3 of them teaming up on me my summon tore their armor off in a single strike then knocked them all down with battering ram.. giving me a huge headstart in the fight.

they were all at half hp-ish before they even got their first turn (cus i invested heavily in wits to always go first to get my incarnate out)

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