Yeah, I found out the hard way that Ifan's Wolf counts towards that limit.

While I agree that having multiple summons would definitely bog down the game a bit, at the same time, does it really matter?

Then again, as it is, they are ridiculously powerful. I don't summon totems on my Summoner anymore, I pop out an incarnate, and then typically use a buff on them for the last two points, next turn I throw out a 3 cost fire spells, etc.

Incarnate is just about as strong when fully geared up as my primary character, potentially more powerful if fully imbued.

I just wish they had weakened the primary incarnate, and instead given us more summons.

Instead of totems we would have gotten animal or elemental summons, that act on their own (like the totems) but fit a bit more thematically.

Would essentially just be an allied AI, and for all purposes, no different, though they'd require more spellslots, and probably would have been a bit stronger to offset that.

-Summon Spider, uses web snares to root enemies
-Summon Wolf, cripples and/or bleeds foes
-3 source point, bazillion action point, Summon Puff the Magic Dragon