MORE WORKSPACES / LAYOUTS to save and load and WIZARDS please.

I would really appreciate more workspaces and layouts which are available in the options bar. So far as i figured out there is only on layout of the editor i can save and reload. I would like to have more options there and better even more default workspaces like lots of professional creative software. e.g. Terrain (where is the MaterialResource Window?) / Placeables (with big preview window) / NPC (with big preview window) / Instances and so on

I guess lots of initial complaints about the complexity of the editor comes from the overwhelming default layout. Myself coming from NWN2 editor i can understand certain people complaining but have to say at the end it is not so different at all, just less intuitive because of lots of more powerful options popping up.

Some Wizards could be extremely helpful like setup
  • new terrain (input base texture and paint terrain textures and (materialresources), size, heightmap plug-in. AI Generation and Startpositions automatically)
  • Creating a new NPC
  • Importing a new texture and assign to a model and save it as a new root template
  • simple quest creation