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I'm a bit baffled. How many points do you have in Memory? I'm about 14 to 16 even on my melee chars (at lvl 8), you need a lot utility stuff, any of my chars f.e. has a heal and mobility spell.


A proper min/maxed char will have a certain school mastered first. By the time I dip into Geomancer for red prince to get Earth quake, Mending armor and fortify, I already have enough free slots I don't need to worry.

The thing is, if your builds are properly min/maxed and your weapons are all legendaries the same level as you, most fights end in 2 turns so you never get to use all those mobility and healing spells. I'm stomping at level 15 tactician atm with way too much damage and if the fight gets to turn 3 or something, it's because the fight has too many ranger heavily spaced or is a long one like Primodial Oil/Fire battle.

Only Fane, my tank mage, has 8 into Mem and I only use him for the same 7-8 spells at most, barely needing anymore point in Mem. I just have it there because I am too lazy to swap out some spell although I will never use them.

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