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But if you really have trouble with survivability, go get a slotted necklace and a source orb, easy by just stealing form Tariqwhathisname. Each orb is actually worth 2.5k something (he just overprices them) and with 8 thievery (5 + 3 gears), you can easily grab 4 of them along with some gold.

Insert the source orb into the necklaces and have everyone wear them. The evasive aura makes everyone dodge everything that isn't guaranteed hit and with all 4 of them having it, you can just chain them for a total of 4 turns of dodge aura. That's like 4 turns of lolinvul.

This does not sound like fun. Super hard difficulty solved by ubar combinations is not my preferred style of play.

But thanks for the hint. I don't like stealing but I already found one of the source orbs in Siva's flat. Momentarily sits in the inventory.

Maybe I will play as long as possible without source skills.

I have problems with survivability only in rare situations (three deaths since start, one of it outside combat), but I'm a bit undergeared at the moment, I lack money all the time. hahaha