Im also against one summon at a time, since Incarnates have so long cooldown that its pretty.. dumb. Also i cant infuse totems that die to one AOE spell, even going from me myself.

I cant say that Incarnates are not powerful.. They are strong as hell, im playing with my GF where she build her 2 heroes in a wrong way and she deals almost no damage, die easily etc and just my 2 incarnates do the whole job all alone.
I've had to build my summoners to buff my party to keep her heroes alive but as far as i've seen it, totems after level 10 (in act 2) are useless as shit. I havent cast a single totem for 3 levels since they either die after one turn and its better for me to use 2 support spells for 1AP and render enemy attack useless than to get a totem just for one turn to.. do nothing. 73 damage (i have lvl 13 or 14summoning) against 1400physical armor and 1300health points is nothing.
What more i've seen, only physical Incarnates are actually viable since to use their Knock Down spell we have to take down the PA first and.. elemental incarnates cant do that.

On the other hand, Soul mate skill is some retarded top tier skill in this game, adding Dome of Protection you have a 3 turns of "you cant kill me". Living on the edge adds to that (necro).

I would rather want to have an Incarnate and Bone widow to do the job than to use totems. Totems were strong when we could spam Bless on grounds like Oil so they had some Physical armor buff.

Here's what i would do:
- Buff totems with bonus stats or make it have Cursed surfaces stats bonus after level 10 of summoning.
- Make it so we can have at least 2 summons at the cost of totems - 2 turns cd with a a bit more HP on them or invulnerability to AOE spells.
- Also change incarnates Charge Knock Down effect based on the element it attacks with.

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