Everything wrong with Summoning tree.. here:

We cant bless surfaces like we could earlier. Thats bad rendering Totems useless on higher levels.
Incarnates Charge knock down is always physical - it should not be.
AOE spells - even from ally - destroy totems that are already weak as hell.
One summon at a time, no buffs for Totems nor No infusions for other skill tree summons.
Incredibly big cooldown on Incarnates. Cursed infusions require big amount of skills wasted + Source points - useless, chameleon cloak skill - useless.

- Buff totems with bonus stats or make it have Cursed surfaces (even on normal surfaces) stats bonus after level 10 of summoning. Acid attack, decaying touch etc.
- Make it so we can have at least 2 summons or one summon for every school at the cost of totems - 2 turns cd/4 turns lasting with a bit more HP/PA/MA on them or invulnerability to AOE spells.
- Also change Incarnates Charge Knock Down effect based on the element it attacks with so we dont have to summon Physical ones everytime.
- Get our Bless or Cursed Infusions to be cast without Source Points required. 2SP for one infusion. For real? Dome of protection is A LOT better spell for JUST 1SP. Not to mention Skills from items with Source Orbs in Rune Slots.

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