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Disagreed mostly. The Conjurer is good as it is in my opinion. I cannot judge the source infusions however, maybe they need some love.

For the rest, it's ok, they took some of the wishes from the EA and made the Conjurer really strong, some even say too strong. For example you can summon now the incarnate with 2 ap (in the EA it was 3) and so buff it with two infusions in one turn. And it goes next in combat order always for immediate damage.

Also totems shoot earlier than in the EA, making them quite strong.

Knockdown is a physical damage thing. Why should the incarnate have a better knockdown than Warfare users? It already has access to physical and magical damage to your wish.

Two summons would be much too strong, if they had the high current stats. So it had to be weaker summons each, not a good deal considering aoe danger.

What has Dome of Protection to do with the source infusions? It's the custom char special source skill.

Warfare uses pure physical damage, that is why. How are you supposed to use it when you have pure elemental damage demon? If you had blood infusion spell - would be gucci, but you dont. Also changing between elements cause you to lose Charge skill in the process on Incarnates (its a bug).

As Cyka said above, can you at least finish the game with conjurers before talking? Then maybe you will know that even buffed incarnates fall at levels 14+ to 2 units hitting them in one turn. Hell, in Mordus cave those vampire shits almost killed a buffed incarnates in one turn. Level 15 summoning skills ones.

Aether boss killed them BOTH in one attack in second turn of the fight. Then what. Cooldown.

Totems WERE strong up until Act 2 where difficulty sky rocket. Every enemy have an aoe spell, every archer can clean 4 totems in one turn.
One blood totem at level 13 deals 74 damage and dies from any aoe spell used even by summoner. Is it worth to use 2AP to deal 74dmg to someone that has 1.5k physical armor? Or would you rather use Mosquito swarm and deal 200damage. Or buff your entire party for 1AP.

e/ what has dome of protection to do with that? Its a balance comparison between two skills. You pay more for incredibly strong spell while low tier skill causing skills to mess up cost a lot more.

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