He's not wrong about wit being the third or actually, 2nd best stat in the game.

If we're going to judge something on how strong and weak it is, we have to consider the role and how often you take them. Every build needs Wit in it even if you don't want the Ini. The increase crit rate is the 2nd thing to always go for on any damager including mages because the magical crit talent. The only one that doesn't need it at all is pure tank support.

Mem is just there when you want to be creative. Because fights often ends in only 2 to 3 turns once source spell is involved, having 15 different spells don't really help because you will never get to use most of them without a bunch of AP boost and turn reset. You will often limit yourself to a few core spells and when you consider that you can swap spells on demand, when you know the next encounter will block a certain element, you can just swap your skills out just for that fight.

Don't view Wit as Ini boost with seconday crit chance. View it as Crit chance with secondary ini boost and you will start to see why it's decent again. The ini is just there so that bosses post level 14 won't go first and just 100-0 someone on the spot. Some bosses will even have you go doing drugs and eating potion just to keep your ini above them. The easiest example is the level 20 source master in Act 2. You CAN kill him if you want to (and learn who he is) but if he goes first, expect to get wiped in a single turn.

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