I really wonder how you live with yourself writing this. Summoning DEFINITELY needs to give the increases stated by the tooltip rather than double.
Summoning is the SINGLE best source of damage mid-late game. The reason for this is the fact that every summoning point gives 10% (!) instead of 5% like EVERY other skilltree.
Examples: You know the fire slug's laser? Well if you use it on a char with high summoning (15+) buff it with encourage and peace of mind you get a laser that deals about 40% more damage than the laser on a normal full pyro-int character.
The same goes for epidemic of fire for necrofire infusion. It is better to invest in summoning and have the summon cast for you rather than go pyro.

Lets do some math. An incarnate can EASILY reach 30 int wit encourage and peace of mind, perhaps even more. Add to that two +25% from infusions. Add also a 160% multiplier from soul bond (due to bugged bonuses) and you have something that can DEAL HIGHER DAMAGE THAN ANY PLAYER BUILD.
It is absolutely obvious that the soul bond multiplier needs to be nerfed WAAAY down. (like to 5% as EVERY OTHER skill has).

EDIT: Lets not forget also the way than hydro-geo armor buffs DOUBLE-DIP with summoning bonuses and give an incarnate than for ZERO gear can get about as much armor as the final boss.

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