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Every build needs Wit in it even if you don't want the Ini. The increase crit rate is the 2nd thing to always go for on any damager including mages because the magical crit talent.

you keep saying that, but i'm not sure i understand the logic. +1% chance of getting 150% damage is just +0.5% damage on average, while every increase in your main damage stat gives 5%. it can be more important in systems with armor thresholds, when only critical damage gets through in some cases for instance, but in DOS2 it's not like that.

Stat cap at +30. You can't invest more than 15 level into Dex/Int/Fin. You're stuck getting Wit anyway.

And I already did the math. If you take probability into account, after a certain point, you are more likely to deal more damage + wit than pure Str especially since you can boost Str with gear easily (Frame of power on a tier 4 rune is + 3 str on every body part). I have 65 str on my red prince now for +275% with +50 from weapon for 325%. Even if it does go up by 5%, going from 325 to 330 is only a 1.5% increase, not 5%.

And in a real game situation, a crit can potentially save you 2 AP if it lands especially on stuff like "Overpower". Due to lack of resist, you can easily calculate how much damage you need on your physical hit to kill most enemies and then start getting crit chance up instead of damage. If it already takes 2 hits to kill, chance is, another 20 str won't reduce the amount of hit but another 20 wit will save you 2 ap every 5 hits.

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