Honestly, I understand why they did the Turn-order stuff and I support it, but in that case take away Initiative from Wits. Solve it different, but don't say Wits influences Turn-order if it does is only in a slight way. This is missleading and bad design. Making it, that players go always first and let them write down, in which order they characters should act during a fight or whatever, having to put points into iniative to keep your team in order, in case of items ruining the order is just aweful. And Wits being mainly a secondary dump attribute after you maxed the first one is aweful as well.

Forcing everyone to play on crit damage and poor design as well, mainly mages should be crit independet, now it seems savage sortilege or how its named is just a must have trait for mages like Backstabbing was for Rogue.