"It always come down to the same thing."

That's a very specific and self-serving way to frame the argument; and it betrays the fact that aspects of a game don't exist in a vacuum to one another.

Initiative is a crucial part of Wit's existence, but also a key point in the design and balance of character development, combat design, equipment selection, and so on. Initiative isn't solely generated by Wits, but it makes up a large portion of the attribute's value, especially early on in the game when crit chance and multipliers are scarce to nonexistant.

I don't understand why you fixate on this single attribute and point. If Initiative were in its original, more sensible state then there would be a greater depth to character building and equipment selection than we see now; with Wit's Initiative bonus making for an alluring option early on as an initiative booster and a long-term investment rather than a raw damage pump stat for after you've exhausted your main combat attribute.

The fact that encounters are unbalanced with Initiative proper isn't a point in favor of Round-Robin, but rather (as others have stated in this thread) show what a flimsy bandaid it is for encounter design and implementation. If Bosses are decided in one-turn rushes and powerful skills dominate encounters then perhaps Initiative isn't the culprit.

Initiative and Wits are also not just relegated to Player Characters, but are also a part of the makeup for the many foes we encounter throughout the game-- Round Robin not only robs players of build variety and options, but streamlines those same facets from the original designer's and future content creator's hands. The ability to create creatures balanced or fixated around certain speeds and making that an obstacle or feature of enemies, encounters, and equipment is all thrown out the window without a system that actually utilizes the mechanic in any meaningful way.

Those are just my two cents, though. I didn't play in the Early Access but I own every game in the franchise and played OS1/OS1:EE extensively, so I'd like to think I'm not talking out of my ass here.

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