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- While we're at it, why dont abilities have the same thing? Let Warfare, Ranger and Scoundrel get their damage base off of Strength or/and Finesse. Geo and Necro have physical damage spells so let their damage be based off of Intellect AND Finesse. Mix and match them more, gives more hybrid builds because right now, pure builds i find to be the strongest still.

Warfare, Huntsman and Scoundrel already do what you're asking. You just have to use the specified weapon, but the skills themselves scale off of your weapon (which scales off of a specific stat).

I'm also not sure what the big deal about Necromancy is and why so many rave about it. Damage wise, it's extremely weak, even on a high damaging physical character. You would be better off simply wearing a shield on your caster and using Shield Toss instead since it scales off of the shield's armor. Even the life leech capability isn't all that, because to even benefit from it, your armor has to be depleted. The best thing the school has going for it anyway is the Widow summons and Living on the Edge, neither of which scale from any stats.

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