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Adding my voice as well. Never received any email from Larian about the delay for the shipping process.
Still got lucky to get the package before the weekend (don't live far from Germany), only to find out the Steam code was already in use.
Reading for 10 days in the press about how great the game is, and not being able to play while buying a premium edition is kinda frustrating... (and the lack of answer from support doesn't help)

Frustrating is the word!

And moreover when you finally get your CE (mine is one of the 1000) and discover that your Steam key was stolen... and nobody from Larian answers of course. It is far from the time when they worked all the night to fix bugs in saves... Here, it's easier, it's just give us keys after all!

For me it's a big mistake because it's only a card with the Steam key ... no [sealed] box DVD, just a simple card which is not well protected - maybe it's because of Steam? Maybe my CE was opened? I don't know: it's the very first time I encounter this problem. The worst thing is that I am not the only one concerned ...

For this I would prefer get the code by email. If they had do this, we would all can play now, and not more than 10 days later.

I really hope they give us a commercial gesture.