Arrived on past Friday close to me closing the office time through DHL, at around half past 18, so they deliver until quite late office hours.

Very pleased. There was a "shrine" to Fane already reserved in my shelves and the "dm screen" is such a perfect backdrop.

The books are really high grade and a great visual ( and content ) addition to that section of the bookshelves dedicated to pen and paper and fantasy resources ( Larian... pnp Rivellon... when ? ).

Map is good, the textile has some sort of gum/resin which I suspect will help against ageing but makes wrinkles stay for quite a while. So leave it overnight under the weight of Rivellon history and art books smile

Fane statue is really big compared to all previous collector's I got. Is bigger than Sméagol but smaller than Aliens Queen and Total War Shogun 2 Samurai feels like a gnome next to it. Quality is very good, the body is well sculpted, the painting is very nice and reflects nice in the light. The movable parts are good and fit nicely. The shoulder fittings need some trimming due to mold lines but that's about it, they will slide in place naturally and the epoxy used is really high grade. The sword, due to length is the only "subpar" ( is actually very good compared to consumer market standard ) and detailed, but is full epoxy length with no wiring for form so it can acquire some bend if you are not careful. The staff is all wire skeleton with epoxy, really strong and sturdy ( love it ).

Key wasn't used and given I had a spare one, made a friend very happy.

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