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so the other day men and my lvl 14 duo killed grog the troll (lvl 18) in 1 turn. (lonewolf tactician)
Start by taking you´r polymorpher down to 1 health with the help of living on the edge and initiate the fight, take down he´s physical armor and have the polymorpher use forced exchange and finnish him off.
This is a very broken skill that needs to be fixed, with it you can kill any mob as long as you mange to take down he´s physical armor

The developers have said this is intentional, and that they aren't going to remove these types of combinations from the game. If you figure out a killer combo and want to keep using it throughout the game, then go ahead. If you don't want to, then don't use that combination.


For now, rather than 'fix' the combo, Walgrave says they "applaud" it. Examples of techniques that would be patched out include anything that "breaks the fun" or is actually a bug. "If this would tick in realtime, it would be a bug," wrote Walgrave. "And if this does not cost AP/skills and/or is not blocked by cooldown/consuming a scroll/... then we look into it."

It's not broken, it's a technique that you can use. Skill points are consumed, APs are used, you must set it up beforehand and choose to do it.