5% damage reflected per point is too small. Even on a Lone Wolf character this would take considerable investment before the damage starts to actually kick in (and there are far better options on where to put these skill points).

This skill would need to go above 200% or 300% damage reflected (or even more) to actually start feeling as a decent investment (and in tactician mode, where enemies have ridicolous amounts of armor and health i cannot even imagine the viability of such investment).

One would say too much reflected would be too strong -- perhaps yes, maybe less on tactician, but consider some ot the points i'll address below.

By the time the character reach that amount of reflected damage it would require many points invested in this skill, which means you are leaving the character "naked" with little options in other skills, versatility and damage wise (it's perhaps the only thing the character would be good at).

Also keep in mind that the reflective damage can still get countered by life-steal amounts and some enemies would heal from it (like the fire slugs) so it could be counter-productive to have that much damage reflected.

Then a question -- is enemy AI ever going to attack that character? So the next thing one would add to the build is the Taunt skill and anything else that could help to invite the enemies to attack you more.

Consider making a toggle to activate the reflective damage, or choose what type of damage will be reflected.

Or consider making some skills or ways to make a build around it (additional effects applied when the character is hit, like apply poison/bleeding/burning etc.

Some other users suggested a talent with "reversed" stench effect, or that would increase the likelyhood of enemis targeting the character, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

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