Good post, but every single of those issues were criticized during Ea (except maybe the initiative) and nothing was achieved. That was when there was time and opportunity to change stuff before the game came out.

Why in the hell would they change anything now, they have better things to do. Like getting the console release ready.

So best to lock this thread up and just forget about it.

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Yeah, unfortunately there's a forum bug where very long posts will cause a timeout when edited and not update. Raze can sometimes do a work-around by temporarily disabling some stuff but at this point I'd just recommend starting a new topic and I can lock this one or delete it or something.

I would delete it, yes. Thats the best option.

Or lock it and then delete it. Even better.

Also ban Luckman for oppressing the innocent players of target audience and ruining their fun in playing this game as its meant to be played. By giting gud in cheese and exploits and spending majority of time farming the traders for better equipment.