Ambidextrous means you are equally efficient in use of both hands, so there is no off hand there.
Therefore it should not demand one hand to be free to use anything "better".

If any talents has a penalty then it should give some big benefits. This one doesnt and it doesnt make any sense conceptually.

Abilities should improve skills in their tree in interesting ways. Necromancy might increase the damage multiplier of Shackles of Pain and Decaying Touch, for example.

Yup. Definitely.

Attributes need more effects in general. I've advocated for attributes that are at least vaguely useful to every class


Armor system needs nuance, either with a return of saving throws, or ways to increase armor penetration. For example, Necromancy could also increase the % of armor that Shackles of Pain or Decaying Touch could penetrate.

Yes, but for this to work armor system should be moded so reducing armor allows damage and effects to bleed through it. Easiest way of doing so is by %.

You already moded a lot of softer CC effects. Those should be added and would compliment this basic change.

Hard CC should be delegated to critical success, while Wits should be given a role of increasing these critical hit chances. While Con should prevent these criticals - so both become much more valuable and balance each other.

In addition to that investment into abilities (skills) should increase chances to score hard CC effects so a Pyro with 10 points can achieve hard CC more then Pyro with 3 points.

Therefore specialists would have some measure of advantage - reward for their specialization. While hybrids have versatility but are not left out of hard CC. (especially if they invest in Wits)

And builds with high Con would be less prone to hard Cc effects. Warriors would benefit from this the most - and that is as it should be, while other builds can also use it.

This would be good for the player and the enemies and combat in whole.

Initiative changes in OP sound interesting, would like to see that in action. Something like that could even be moddable if we had the old initiative system as a base.

Since it seems initiative is hard coded, maybe the right way to go about it is to give more benefits to Wits and the "initiative" so even if they cant change the turn order they add other benefits.

I suggest the above improvements.

VoidInsanity gave these:

Originally Posted by VoidInsanity
The current system is fine conceptually, the real problem is the lack of reward/incentive from having the better initiative since the game forces the other team to go after the best guy. There needs to be another reason to have high initiative outside of going first such as cooldown reduction, maximum AP, Recovery AP or similar. Could also make it so characters with higher initiative have a bonus vs characters with lower initiative such as a higher chance to hit/crit them, a lower chance to be hit/crit by them. Alternatively replace The Pawn with another effect and make that the effect of initiative instead, giving the higher initiative characters some free movement each turn. Lowest initiative gets zero bonus and everything higher gets free movement ap based on how much % higher they are. Example - Lowest initiative is 20, highest 40 and rest 30 the 30 initiatives get 1/2 an ap of free movement, the 40 1 full ap.