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- The last problem is that there is no aggro system for the player to cleverly use. Taunt is blocked by physical armor and has a low radius range. Moreover, the AI will always gank on the less tanky character, avoiding your tank all the time. This issue is way more complexe to fix because it needs some redesign of the AI.

This is false.

Perhaps in part due to my unorthodox builds(my Retribution character is a utility rogue), but I can always reliably have the AI target precisely the party members I either want it to strike, or can afford it to strike(there's only one of them that has no business attracting attention).
At the absolute worst, I can usually at least predict who's going to take the hit, and it's easy enough to ensure that it'll be the tank.

It's also ridiculously easy to manipulate, since there's plenty of skills that gain either partial or complete immunity, or put a character out of range(be it friend or foe), or obscure enemy pathing.

You have tools other than the archaic "aggro" mechanic used in games where there's no real AI to think for the enemy, and you should learn to use those. Clouds and surfaces are your friends.