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This is false.

Perhaps in part due to my unorthodox builds(my Retribution character is a utility rogue), but I can always reliably have the AI target precisely the party members I either want it to strike, or can afford it to strike(there's only one of them that has no business attracting attention).

At the absolute worst, I can usually at least predict who's going to take the hit, and it's easy enough to ensure that it'll be the tank.

On what difficulty are you playing ? It may changes things.
I play on classic and I can assure you that the target system looks something like :
AI Prio 1°) Is it possible to AE several characters (like by using a surface, a spell, a grenade or a special arrow)
AI Prio 2°) Is there an undead in the team ? If there is, use a healing spell on him.
AI Prio 3°) Which character has the less armor/hp then focus it.
You can try to use every tactic that you want like the clouds or else, the enemy will just jump/teleport/move toward your weakest player and attack him. ALWAYS ! Thus making the tanking absolutely useless. There are already several topics on the forum regarding this problem.

On a funny part, i play kitting games with AI using one of my mages while my 2H warrior utterly destroys the enemy ranks without being targeted once. Funniest part, they still continu to follow my mage even at the price of giving my warrior a free attack of opportunity.
There is no tanking in the game, but there is kitting !

Or you can just make characters who you want to be hit standout, whole those who you don't want to be hit be unreachable, this way either enemies will waste a lot of time trying to reach elevated and obstructed backline or hit tank. Works fine.

Yes some can teleport or have ranged ability, but you can use Teleport as well to toss them to Africa and your ranger to strip armor if the casters/rangers fast and then have tank lockdown those with knockdown and cripples.

A lot of the fights can be made flow as you want it by putting tank upfront and everything else at the back.

I am playing on Tactician and it works just fine, almost all fights can be predicted except for ambushes where you can use tank to scout ahead and if he gets in combat, others won't be and can be positioned to make it pain in the ass to reach.

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