Much of your list is nitpicks that fall under the flavor category and are not something that needs fixing. Some stuff is bad, and certainly other things can be improved, but its their game. I get it, you are searching for your the "perfect game" and this one had a glimmer of it. But it will never happen unless you make your own. Also much of what you said is simply not right or true.

For instance, the bone widow stinks for anything but a meat shield because it is instantly and easily CC'ed by practically any class. Honestly, its best use is clogging up paths like a ice wall in DOS1 No matter how you buff it, it stinks because normal buffs are not very strong and can barely absorb 1 casting before its back to being CCed again. The infernal is awesome by comparison. Not only does it get massive defense, it also gets some immunities.

Also the assertion that necro takes a back seat is 100% wrong. It is an int based spell casting that does respectable physical damage. This makes it incredibly useful to int based characters, much more so than witchcraft in DOS1. You say it does not know what it wants to be, well we can make that claim for all the classes. Its great for physical attackers due to heals and extra meat shields, and its great for casters for damage variety and also meat shield/positioning. Also, death wish is screaming for a zero constitution build! Knock vitality down to 30% and to hell with defenses. Stack on glass cannon, executioner/pawn, wits, and damage and be the ultimate opener. I can also see it working with a high armor/shield lone wolf.

I am just saying that a lot of what you bring us is actually fine for some of us. There are things that I dont like. Too few talents, and skills imho. Some fights in tactician depend too much on meta or initial luck.