For instance, the bone widow stinks for anything but a meat shield because it is instantly and easily CC'ed by practically any class. Honestly, its best use is clogging up paths like a ice wall in DOS1 No matter how you buff it, it stinks because normal buffs are not very strong and can barely absorb 1 casting before its back to being CCed again. The infernal is awesome by comparison. Not only does it get massive defense, it also gets some immunities.

NPCs have the tendency to ignore summons, if they can and most of the time they easily can. So lack of magic armor of Bone Widow doesnt matter most of the time.

I really like the post and agree with most of the thing it stated.

To add to Initative discussion I would like to add that (whether a bug or a feature) summons if summoned by enemy will cancel PCs turn. It can be seen clearly in Hannag fight (portal fight) in Act 2. For some odd reason summons instant turn. Small things like these make the game more imbalanced because if you consider that Incarnate is a 2AP spell that can deal about 2k damage at level 20 THAT CAN DO THAT AND MORE FOR THE NEXT 8 TURN it seems a little nuts.